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Why Local SEO Cannot Be Ignored For SMEs

When businesses came around looking for the SEO firms in Australia because of the notion of the digital revolution, professionals wanted to expand the horizon of their reach and venture out into new markets and new communities.

However, what would soon occur through the boom in smartphone use would be the concept of local SEO, a means of scoring quality traffic and call to action (CTA) moments from users within a close physical proximity.

All of a sudden that grand vision became a rush to secure consumers from nearby, an inversion of the original intention.

Unlike major corporations who have endless resources with digital marketing endeavours, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have to be more calculated and frugal with their campaigns to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

Yet this transition into local optimization plays into a community brand that operates with clarity and efficiency, not just those that can throw thousands of dollars to obtain more consumers.

If you are an SME manager or marketing professional who has been ignoring this practice in 2018, then it is time to take notes and follow through on a campaign that will improve your long-term viability.


Behaviour of Smartphone Users

smartphone users

With almost three quarters of mobile users saying they have looked up the location and details of a business before approaching a store, there is little doubt that the stats and figures support the need to run a local SEO campaign. The call rate and visitation record sits above 50% for individuals who use their phone to conduct local searches, illustrating that the behaviour of the 2018 consumer is eager and active to locate your brand and engage directly.

An optimised site that has the location details set at the forefront of their brand will generate more phone calls, emails and in-store visits. Ensure that the criteria matches so elements like opening hours and hyperlinked phone numbers are all inclusive.


Boosts Local Standing

Local SEO must take priority over general SEO for SMEs that are based within a local community. If you take the position of the consumer, you will see that any general shop search will provide a batch of top 3 hits that operates as your starting guide. It will accumulate a number of factors, such as the authority of the brand, the detail in the information listed and the quantity and quality of reviews from customers. If your SME wants to be amongst the top search results for searches that are both specific and vague, it is important that you embrace SEO on a local level.


Obtaining Reviews and Comments

To jump the search engine cue to run your domain up the rankings, you need to obtain authority from the community at large. By running a successful local SEO endeavour with clever digital marketing strategies, you will secure a higher review rate and more user comments from clients and customers. That ability to entice feedback informs Google that you have an engaged consumer base eager to let others know about your enterprise.


Financially Sound Advertising

One of the core reasons why local SEO is such a valuable concept for the digital marketing professional is that it is a cost efficient process. Outside of including your postcode and suburb keywords integrated into posts and content, there is very little else to do. This is a means of optimizing what you already have and ensuring that your brand has a local focus does not require a significant departure from business as usual.



The notion of local SEO has only been a modern phenomenon, but that does not excuse professionals from overlooking their duty in this instance. Having taken into account the rate of change that has been taking place with Google algorithm update innovations, digital marketing has already shifted to locally conscious and smartphone savvy operators.



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