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How To Know When It Is Time To Organise A Tree Inspection Report For Your Home Or Place Of Business

There can be different circumstances in life that arise in which someone will have to implement the services of a professional tree doctor. This is a trained professional who is able to come to someone’s home or place of business to conduct an official tree inspection report. This documentation is then commonly used when someone wants to make some kind of council application.

Having said this, not all councils need this kind of documentation when someone wants to renovate or extend a property and so it is always best for people to check with their local council before they organize the services of a tree doctor. While this is the most common reason why someone would want to organize a tree inspection report, there can be other occasions as well. For instance, someone may be unsure of the type of tree species that are on their property and so may wish to find this information out.

As this is isn’t necessarily a cheap service, this article will discuss how to know when it is time to organize a tree inspection report for your home or place of business.


It may be time to organize a tree inspection report for your home or place of business when you suspect a pest issue


What some people out there may not realize is that trunks are also able to become infested with pests or diseases. In some cases, these issues can quickly spread to surrounding greenery which can cause a whole host of further issues. Because of this, if someone notices some discoloration or droopiness, it may be time to organize a tree inspection report.

When people organize such examinations, they are not only able to get a better idea of the details of their greenery such as the age and height, but they are also able to ensure that their plants are free from different kinds of ailments that could cause the plant to become sick and die. As it is so important to take care of native species, this can be extremely valuable knowledge.

As there are so many different kinds of pests, there are some that can be treated if caught in time. This means that other items in someone’s home or place of business are less likely to be effective and people are able to have peace of mind knowing that that are doing everything possible to protect the nature areas on their property.


It can be a good idea to organise a tree inspection report when you move into a new property

When someone purchases a new property, it can sometimes be hard for them to know exactly what they are getting. For instance, they may end up with some unknown issue that wasn’t initially detected. Similarly, they may end up with certain species of trees that cannot be removed.

As this is the case, it is usually the best move to organise a tree inspection report right off the bat. This way people can get a clear understanding of the greenery that they have inherited and what they are within their rights to do with it. For instance, some items they may be able to prune but won’t be able to remove.

Conversely, some items may be considered weeds or pests as they are introduced species and so will be okay to remove. Whatever the case may be, this can only be figured out by working with a qualified tree doctor. So as it can be seen, it may be time to do this when people move into a new home or place of business.





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