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Best Places to Travel in Your 20’s On A Budget

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Thailand being a very popular place is a perfect tourist spot for young travelers. The cost of flights and accommodations together may make it seem like a luxurious vacation but is only as expensive as the cost of living in a major city. Once you land, you can go for island hopping, while in Thailand, but you might want your last destination to be Ko Phi Phi. You can travel to Phi Phi to get away from the city bustle in Bangkok. Ko Phi Phi has beautiful islands, and while you’re there, you can enjoy the white sand beaches and the crystal clear water. With a mixture of mountainous terrains and lush greenery, it makes this location an unique blend of beautiful that you surely can enjoy.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is the former capital of the famous Inca empire which holds one of the most beautiful ancient ruins in the world. Along with this ancient city ruins, tourists can enjoy other activities like hiking and camping. The city also has distinct remains of the Spanish settlements that were created when the region was conquered.


This is the ideal place that everyone should visit at least once in their life, because of its accessibility and affordability and is another perfect spot for young people to visit. There are intense landscapes where your body needs to be strong enough to hike the trails which cannot be accessed by cars.

Caye Caulker, Belize

This particular small island community is off the coast of Belize and is filled with one of the most abundant wildlife and has an ocean surrounding it which holds the best diving points which will let you take advantage of the Belize Barrier Reef. Make the best out of this beautiful tourist spot as it is easy on your pockets. But do not expect too much as you don’t get much when you need to travel on a budget, but there are plenty of opportunities for socializing and exploring. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the best use of it!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a very popular destination in Europe but is often overlooked by those who are unfamiliar with the region. A lot of budget travelers swears that it is one of their favorite cities to visit and what is even better is that it is cheap. The hotels and your daily expenses are comparatively cheap, and since the recent building booms, a lot of abandoned apartments were rebuilt to hotels which are affordable and can be accessed by travelers. The city is full of life and feels young because it is easy to travel on a budget. Everything is at a walkable distance, and if you need to use the public transport, it is cheap and reliable.




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