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Street Food

How to Eat Street Food Safely While Travelling

There is a certain charm about having the local street food from the place you are visiting. But most people are skeptical about buying street food. This is because there is a lot of horror stories we’ve all heard about it. There have been several reports of widespread contamination and severe food-borne illnesses. Street food is considered an important aspect of the culture in many countries, and that’s where you will encounter the most delicious and authentic cuisine. They are also a cheap way to eat as well. There’s no need to miss out on street food if you follow these basic rules/tips.

Notice the Queue

It’s known that if there’s a huge line, it’s a good place to eat at. If we put it in simple terms, queue means quality, because people will only stand in a line if they know what they are going to get is going to be worth standing that long for. But if there is not much crowd in the place you’re planning on eating at, then you should be questioning why. Consider queues to be your best friend. They don’t just ensure that the food will be tasty, but they will virtually guarantee you that the food will be fresh and safe to eat. This especially applies in areas where there is a high competition for street food vendors. It is common to see street food stalls that sell the exact same dishes grouped in one place. There is nothing bad about it as it benefits the vendors as a higher volume of similar stalls will attract more consumers.


Eat Only During the Local Mealtimes

Wherever you go, try spending a little time figuring out what time do people tend to eat their meals. The best way to do this is to observe the areas that serve street food and make a note of when they are the busiest. You could also talk to the locals and get to know about the same. Once you figure out the local mealtime, stick to them and make sure the stall you choose is busy before you order. Supposedly, you arrive before or after the peak timings; you wouldn’t know just how long the food ingredients have been sitting around for. You might want to eat from a stall with a high turnover and who continually refreshes their ingredients and swaps out their utensils and containers.

Watch How the Food is Prepared

Food Preparation

Watching the chefs in their element, especially in terms of street food is always fascinating. But what you should keep in mind is also to check how hygienic the preparation methods are. Check if the preparation surfaces and the stove is clean and how the ingredients are stored or kept. If you’re not satisfied with the hygiene, don’t eat from there.

If It Doesn’t Taste Right, Do Not Eat It

When it comes to food, sniff and poke to determine whether it is safe to eat or not. Just because it smells good and fine, does not necessarily mean it’s not going to be harmful. Food could seem to be perfectly fine and still be filled with illness-causing bacteria.


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