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Why Local SEO Cannot Be Ignored For SMEs

Digital Marketing

When businesses came around looking for the SEO firms in Australia because of the notion of the digital revolution, professionals wanted to expand the horizon of their reach and venture out into new markets and new communities.

However, what would soon occur through the boom in smartphone use would be the concept of local SEO, a means of scoring quality traffic and call to action (CTA) moments from users within a close physical proximity.

All of a sudden that grand vision became a rush to secure consumers from nearby, an inversion of the original intention.

Unlike major corporations who have endless resources with digital marketing endeavours, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have to be more calculated and frugal with their campaigns to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

Yet this transition into local optimization plays into a community brand that operates with clarity and efficiency, not just those that can throw thousands of dollars to obtain more consumers.

If you are an SME manager or marketing professional who has been ignoring this practice in 2018, then it is time to take notes and follow through on a campaign that will improve your long-term viability.


Behaviour of Smartphone Users

smartphone users

With almost three quarters of mobile users saying they have looked up the location and details of a business before approaching a store, there is little doubt that the stats and figures support the need to run a local SEO campaign. The call rate and visitation record sits above 50% for individuals who use their phone to conduct local searches, illustrating that the behaviour of the 2018 consumer is eager and active to locate your brand and engage directly.

An optimised site that has the location details set at the forefront of their brand will generate more phone calls, emails and in-store visits. Ensure that the criteria matches so elements like opening hours and hyperlinked phone numbers are all inclusive.


Boosts Local Standing

Local SEO must take priority over general SEO for SMEs that are based within a local community. If you take the position of the consumer, you will see that any general shop search will provide a batch of top 3 hits that operates as your starting guide. It will accumulate a number of factors, such as the authority of the brand, the detail in the information listed and the quantity and quality of reviews from customers. If your SME wants to be amongst the top search results for searches that are both specific and vague, it is important that you embrace SEO on a local level.


Obtaining Reviews and Comments

To jump the search engine cue to run your domain up the rankings, you need to obtain authority from the community at large. By running a successful local SEO endeavour with clever digital marketing strategies, you will secure a higher review rate and more user comments from clients and customers. That ability to entice feedback informs Google that you have an engaged consumer base eager to let others know about your enterprise.


Financially Sound Advertising

One of the core reasons why local SEO is such a valuable concept for the digital marketing professional is that it is a cost efficient process. Outside of including your postcode and suburb keywords integrated into posts and content, there is very little else to do. This is a means of optimizing what you already have and ensuring that your brand has a local focus does not require a significant departure from business as usual.



The notion of local SEO has only been a modern phenomenon, but that does not excuse professionals from overlooking their duty in this instance. Having taken into account the rate of change that has been taking place with Google algorithm update innovations, digital marketing has already shifted to locally conscious and smartphone savvy operators.



Everything You Should Know Before Visiting an Eastwood Vietnamese Restaurant

Many of us would like to consider ourselves a bit of a ‘foodie’; how accurate this is really comes down to personal opinion. Whether you have refined taste buds or just like to eat, there is no way the term ‘foodie’ can be used to describe you if you haven’t been to an Eastwood Vietnamese Restaurant. Anyone with a love of food should go out and try as many different cuisines as possible. You’re not the only one to have had Italian, Chinese or even Thai; so be a little adventurous by opting for an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant next time you go out for dinner. As this is a more specialist cuisine, you may feel a little apprehensive and not know what to expect; so to help you out, here is a list of everything you need to know before visiting an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant.


  1. One aspect of experiencing the food from this culture that may surprise you is the way they dine. In most countries food is brought out to you with the already assembled meal, however, when you go to an Eastwood Vietnamese Restaurant it will probably be a little different. After ordering, the dishes will be brought out to your table in segments, and you will be left to put the food together to your liking. Depending on what you order, you will probably have bowls of noodles, fried rice, sauces, meat and vegetables. The great thing about this style of dining is that you can decide how much of each dish you want. It is a unique way of dining, but don’t be shocked or alarmed by it- it’s all part of the fun!


  1. The dining style at Eastwood Vietnamese restaurants is well suited for groups. So if you are looking for somewhere to go with lots of friends, or for a family get together, this could be the cuisine for you. It is also a great option if you’ve invited some picky eaters- fear not, they wont ruin it for the rest of you! They can just nibble at what they like, as it’s also possible to use as much, or as little spice as you want. The fun, interactive style of dining is certainly a conversation starter, and it can be a lot of fun enjoying all the unique flavors together.


vietnamese food


  1. What’s better than delicious food? The answer is simple: healthy delicious food! The locals from Vietnam know how to use fresh ingredients to get the best flavors without having to add excess oil, cornstarch or preservatives. It’s all about fresh veggies, meats and spices. If you’re a fan of spring rolls, but hate how oily they sometimes are, you need to try a Vietnamese one. They are made with rice flour so they are a lot lighter than their Chinese brothers, but still flavorful. This means you can eat as many as you want without feeling guilty, which is always a bonus!


  1. A fun fact that you might not know about the food from Vietnam is that it is season dependent. What this means is that during the summer, the dishes are mainly vegetable based, making them lighter on the palate (and the stomach); whereas during the winter months, more meats are used.


  1. When you think of Asian food, you are unlikely to think of sweet treats. But, the interesting thing about this cuisine, is that they offer desserts too! An authentic dessert consists of rice, sago and seasonal fruit. Cakes are also on offer, wrapped in either coconut or banana leaves. So there is something for those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth!








Inventory Management Software Australia Can Help You Keep Control Over Your Products

To have a successful business you need to provide the right products and have them available when and where customers want them. By being able to control your product and predict future stock trends it can boost your sales and drive you towards success. With the growing technology, the need to bring all of the operations used together into one single platform is higher now more than ever. By using inventory management software Australia you can seamlessly integrate many of your important systems into one place, making it easier to understand and determine the answers you are looking for.

Inventory management software Australia is a system that allows you to track stock levels, orders and deliveries, and sales. By using this system you reduce the chance of becoming overstocked or having a product outage. It erases the need for spreadsheets being used to track and organize stock by using the data that is entered and displaying it to you in an easy-to-read format.


Inventory Management


Inventory management software Australia has many key features to help you get on top of your stocked products. Some of the key features include:

– Alerts – when a stock is low, an alert will be sent directly to the manager letting them know that they are needing to order more, allowing you to always have products available when they are needed.

– Tracking – you are able to use barcodes, serial numbers, and lot numbers to check the products in your warehouse.

– Service management – not all businesses provide products. If you supply services this system can help you track the costs of the products that you use to supply the service. This allows you to adequately price your services.

– Barcode reading – it can read the barcode and display all of the information to you. For example, stock amount, how much stock has been ordered, and the cost for the product, to name a few.


Inventory management software Australia has been adopted by many companies to assist in daily tasks. These include

– Tracking stock from ordering, deliver to your store, and then dispatchment to the customer.

– Maintaining stock levels ensuring not too much or not enough stock is available.

– Receive items into the system.

– Can organize picking, packing, and shipment of the product.

– Track stock sales and amount that has been sold

– Reduces waste of products

– Ensures that you never run out of stock to increase sales amount


There are many advantages of using inventory management software Australia. These include:

– Cost – can maximize sales by ensuring you never run out of stock and keep stocks organize reducing waste.

– Efficiency – by using data to control stock, the processes can be sped up, thus increasing efficiency in many departments.

– Organization – inventory management software Australia can read the data your company produces and group together products that are often sold together.

– Data – it allows for your data to be kept up-to-date by offering real-time data.

– Security – managers can grant as much or as little access for employees to be able to use the data system.

– Trends – can establish what sales trends are occurring and can show you with easy to read data.


The costs of using inventory management software Australia can be quite high, in saying that the cost-saving methods that they have to offer far outweigh the cost of the system. Also, it is a complex system so you need to fully understand it to maximize benefits you can receive from adopting it into your business. Call them today to find out how much they can change your business for the better.

Best Places to Travel in Your 20’s On A Budget


Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Thailand being a very popular place is a perfect tourist spot for young travelers. The cost of flights and accommodations together may make it seem like a luxurious vacation but is only as expensive as the cost of living in a major city. Once you land, you can go for island hopping, while in Thailand, but you might want your last destination to be Ko Phi Phi. You can travel to Phi Phi to get away from the city bustle in Bangkok. Ko Phi Phi has beautiful islands, and while you’re there, you can enjoy the white sand beaches and the crystal clear water. With a mixture of mountainous terrains and lush greenery, it makes this location an unique blend of beautiful that you surely can enjoy.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is the former capital of the famous Inca empire which holds one of the most beautiful ancient ruins in the world. Along with this ancient city ruins, tourists can enjoy other activities like hiking and camping. The city also has distinct remains of the Spanish settlements that were created when the region was conquered.


This is the ideal place that everyone should visit at least once in their life, because of its accessibility and affordability and is another perfect spot for young people to visit. There are intense landscapes where your body needs to be strong enough to hike the trails which cannot be accessed by cars.

Caye Caulker, Belize

This particular small island community is off the coast of Belize and is filled with one of the most abundant wildlife and has an ocean surrounding it which holds the best diving points which will let you take advantage of the Belize Barrier Reef. Make the best out of this beautiful tourist spot as it is easy on your pockets. But do not expect too much as you don’t get much when you need to travel on a budget, but there are plenty of opportunities for socializing and exploring. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the best use of it!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a very popular destination in Europe but is often overlooked by those who are unfamiliar with the region. A lot of budget travelers swears that it is one of their favorite cities to visit and what is even better is that it is cheap. The hotels and your daily expenses are comparatively cheap, and since the recent building booms, a lot of abandoned apartments were rebuilt to hotels which are affordable and can be accessed by travelers. The city is full of life and feels young because it is easy to travel on a budget. Everything is at a walkable distance, and if you need to use the public transport, it is cheap and reliable.




Travel Health Tips

Travel Health Tips

Travelling is fun and exciting. You could see a lot of new places, discover things you’ve never seen or known before and lots more. But at the same time, you should be taking care of yourself and making sure you don’t fall sick- that would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it? Here are some tips you could use to ensure you don’t fall ill.

Pace Yourself

Try not to cover the entire city in one day. If you are planning on doing a lot in a big city plan to do a lot in a big city, stay a bit longer to slow down your pace and try to expand your itinerary.  With this strategy, you will be able to explore the area more and get to know more about the place you’re at. Make sure you’re active and roam the streets but do not overdo it. Do take plenty of rest in between.

Breakfast is Important!

Breakfast is essential before you start your day of exploring. Do not skip breakfast and straight away have lunch. If you want to save cash on eating outside because you’ll be eating your lunch and dinner from outside, then you can make your own breakfast by buying a box of instant oatmeal. You can then prepare it with the hot water that is provided in your hotel room or apartment before you head out for the day. You can also purchase fruit and cereal at the local grocery store. In case there is no hot water readily available, then you can get yourself some pastries and juice from a nearby bakery – this won’t cost too much. But whatever you do, do not skip your breakfast!  It is considered to be the most important meal of the day for a reason – it provides you with the right amount of energy to start your day right.

‘Hara Hachi Bu’- Practice this!

Hara Hachi Bu is a Japanese concept which talks about how you should eat enough to fill 80 percent of your stomach rather than 100 percent. To know if you’ve eaten for 80 percent, just make sure you do not overeat or eat enough to make you full. Eat smaller portions throughout the day or just split your meal by saving the leftovers for dinner or lunch the next day.

Protect Your Skin


Make sure you protect your skin while being outdoors by applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF15. It is recommended you reapply it every 2 hours. In case you are visiting an area with a lot of mosquitoes and insects, make sure you do not forget to wear insect repellent to prevent bites.

Wet Wipes and Sanitizers

Having wet wipes and sanitizers in handy is always a good idea. Few places you go to might not have water and soap available, which can quite happen frequently while traveling. You tend to come in contact with people, things, doors, etc. and the last thing you want is to eat with those dirty hands. Prevent the spread of bacteria and germs by making sure you clean your hands, especially before and after meals


How to Prepare Yourself and Avoid Theft

Avoid Theft

Few places you visit might be dangerous concerning pickpocketing or petty theft. If you’re not careful or alert enough, you will have something stolen from you. Pickpocketing and purse- snatching are common in places where tourists mostly gather. You do not want to ruin your vacation by letting someone rob you. Almost all crimes that tourists come across are nonviolent and avoidable. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare yourself and avoid being robbed.

Before you head out for the day, make sure you take some steps to minimize your loss in case of theft. Get yourself photocopies of the essential documents such as the passport, car-rental voucher, itinerary prescription and any document that you need to carry with you. If you have expensive electronics (camera, smartphone, tablet, and so on.), consider getting theft insurance. Take a picture of it and keep the photo safe. This will help you in getting yourself an insurance claim. Also, if you do not want to lose your pictures, make sure you do backup your data often during the travel.

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid theft.

Money Belt

Money Belt

A money belt is a small pouch with a zip that you can wear on your waist. Invest in one of these as it will help you avoid theft as it is harder to snatch off a person’s body.

Leave Your Valuables in the Hotel Room

As mentioned before, it is always best to leave your expensive gear at home. You can carry your camera around, but things like your laptop could be kept safe in the hotel room. Expensive things like your laptop is way safer in your room than with you in a day bag on the streets.

Be Aware of Your Belongings

Travelers are more likely to lose their bags without them knowing than to have them stolen. A lot of people leave behind their passports, bags on the overhead rack on the bus/flight, and cameras in the taxi or at some cafe. Remember always to take a look behind you before you leave any place or form of transportation.

And while you’re at your hotel make sure you stick to an unpacking routine and do not put things in odd places in your room. Prepare a checklist and every time you pack, go through it to know if you’ve left something behind or not. Before you leave the hotel room to have a quick overall search.

When you’re going out, never unresponsively set down any vital thing, for example, a camera, tablet, wallet, or rail pass. Either hold it with you or keep it in your bag. When you’re in a café or something, don’t put your mobile on the tabletop where it will be anything but difficult to be stolen — keep it in your front pocket/ Make it a habit to be cautious with your things; it’ll turn out to be second nature.

How to Eat Street Food Safely While Travelling

Street Food

There is a certain charm about having the local street food from the place you are visiting. But most people are skeptical about buying street food. This is because there is a lot of horror stories we’ve all heard about it. There have been several reports of widespread contamination and severe food-borne illnesses. Street food is considered an important aspect of the culture in many countries, and that’s where you will encounter the most delicious and authentic cuisine. They are also a cheap way to eat as well. There’s no need to miss out on street food if you follow these basic rules/tips.

Notice the Queue

It’s known that if there’s a huge line, it’s a good place to eat at. If we put it in simple terms, queue means quality, because people will only stand in a line if they know what they are going to get is going to be worth standing that long for. But if there is not much crowd in the place you’re planning on eating at, then you should be questioning why. Consider queues to be your best friend. They don’t just ensure that the food will be tasty, but they will virtually guarantee you that the food will be fresh and safe to eat. This especially applies in areas where there is a high competition for street food vendors. It is common to see street food stalls that sell the exact same dishes grouped in one place. There is nothing bad about it as it benefits the vendors as a higher volume of similar stalls will attract more consumers.


Eat Only During the Local Mealtimes

Wherever you go, try spending a little time figuring out what time do people tend to eat their meals. The best way to do this is to observe the areas that serve street food and make a note of when they are the busiest. You could also talk to the locals and get to know about the same. Once you figure out the local mealtime, stick to them and make sure the stall you choose is busy before you order. Supposedly, you arrive before or after the peak timings; you wouldn’t know just how long the food ingredients have been sitting around for. You might want to eat from a stall with a high turnover and who continually refreshes their ingredients and swaps out their utensils and containers.

Watch How the Food is Prepared

Food Preparation

Watching the chefs in their element, especially in terms of street food is always fascinating. But what you should keep in mind is also to check how hygienic the preparation methods are. Check if the preparation surfaces and the stove is clean and how the ingredients are stored or kept. If you’re not satisfied with the hygiene, don’t eat from there.

If It Doesn’t Taste Right, Do Not Eat It

When it comes to food, sniff and poke to determine whether it is safe to eat or not. Just because it smells good and fine, does not necessarily mean it’s not going to be harmful. Food could seem to be perfectly fine and still be filled with illness-causing bacteria.


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